Currently I am rebuilding a server for mail, web, ftp for a widow who's husband passed away. Her husband had the server with mailserver running, so all familymenbers have their email account at the domain name he was owning. Sadly the server HDD crashed two weeks later after her husband passed away and Ubuntu would not longer boot.

I have been fooling around with the corrupted HDD and found out that it had 250 MB for boot files and a Logical Volume which was corrupted. I mounted the HDD in the new Debian server and installed LVMtools who asked if I wanted to mount the HDD at next bootup. I choose yes, restarted the system, then Debian was taking about 14 hours but then suddenly the LVM appeared in the file manager. I did make a backup of mostly all files and folderd, like /etc, /var and so on, but now I am hoping to find a way to tell which email server was running. I cannot fall back to the "list installed" commands because the HDD is not part of this Debian system but I would like to install the same email server and re-use the configuration files. I am trying to scan the files with find and look for things I expect to find (smtp.domainname.net or email addresses) but I get a lot of results, mostly mail messages which are also on this Logical Volume.

Would anyone know if Ubuntu keeps a file on the HDD with the names of the installed packages ?

Thanks in advance,

Posted 4 years ago