According to device manager, I have 5 of these devices, I only use the built-in audio system from my Asus M3A79-t Deluxe mobo. I am trying to determine why I cannot get the microphone to work in some programs (like Mumble). If anyone knows how to interpret the "locations" which windows reports for each of these devices I would be grateful. This is what there is, there are 2 "Location 0" (internal HD Audio Device bus), and then there are 3 other locations, numbered 1, 2, and 3 (all of which are internal HD Audio Device bus). The back of my case has a line in, speaker out and microphone input. The top/front of the case has a headphone output and microphone input, I was trying to use the top/front mic input but it does not work with mumble. headphones and speakers all work fine. Thanks.

Posted 4 years ago