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Hidden windows, a specific case

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  • Started 4 years ago by Emerogork
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I wonder if there is a switch or option to change/fix this. This has happened on other occasions but here is a specific case that may have a resolution to cure the rest. For this example I am using Outlook 2010 and creating a hyperlink. I have used links numerous times before so that is not the question.

I create the link then go to test it. I click on it and also use <CTRL> Click as the hint suggests. Nothing happens. I Try it again, Nothing. I open the link and check it. I find no errors and close it again. A retest it again, noting. I open the link and make a change and test it again. Nothing. Before I have to replace the keyboard again, I figure I will try it again later. OF course, I now know to look for the opened link but as I said, the phenomenon occurs elsewhere.

I go to close Outlook only to find a bunch of open URLs, all the same, all of the hyperlink that I had tested. They are all well hidden behind the Outlook screen. What makes these get created in back of everything? I have seen this elsewhere but not all the time. Sometimes they open exactly as expected. If I right-click/New/Word, I have to search under everything open to find it. It used to be that a click like this would actually open the object.

Another case is when the window I am using stops and prevents my from doing anything. Sometimes I cannot even move the present screen while others work. It turns out that some popup has opened demanding a response and it is in back of everything. How silly is that? Do I really have to go through an learning curve for each situation?

Are these coding errors? Features?, options?

Posted 4 years ago
Posts: 4100 If you have not already try running the free version of this. If nothing else it will at least help remove one possibility of your problem.

Posted 4 years ago

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