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Help with choosing computer components

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  • Started 8 years ago by tehdwarf
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I am trying to build a decently high end gaming computer and am having trouble choosing components due to lack of knowledge. I have built a fair amount of computers for my work but have never been the one to get the parts, and am finding I know less than I thought I did. My original plan was to get advice and help from the employees at my local FRY’S, but they turned out to be less then helpful. They were trying to get me to decide and purchase that day, not really answering my questions and recommending things without giving reasons. Hopefully this will be much more useful and educating.

My budget is somewhere between $1500 - $2000. Advice and reasoning would be appreciated even if it has to do with a component I have decided I want.

The components I have decided on are:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or Q6700 (I believe this means I have to go Vista)
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4870

Questions I have:
Memory: I know I want either 2 or 4 Gb RAM in 2 sticks but I don’t know which ones would be good. What speed is good, if actual memory or speed is more important, or what brands I should stick with/avoid.

Motherboard: This is where I know the least. I believe I need a Port 775 socket for my processor, have no clue what I need for my video card but I would like it to be able to support running 2 in tandem but have no clue how to make sure I can (not initially planning to but would like the capability to later on). How do I make sure my Memory is compatible with the motherboard?

Power Supply: Another thing I know very little about. How much wattage will I need, how do I make sure it can plug into my Motherboard, and I need to make sure it supports the power plug of an SATA drive if that’s the way I go.

Hard Drive: I believe I want SATA but I don’t really know the advantage/disadvantage of it. Haven’t decided on a size but that can wait.

As far as my CD/DVD ROM, I was planning on worrying about that later, it isn't super important without knowing most of my core components (and was considering keeping my tradition of having a *gasps* floppy drive).

Thanks in advance for all your recommendations/advice/help,

Posted 8 years ago
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Without going into your questions I would strongly vote against a Q6600 (of which I own one) for a gaming system. This is, after all, only a 2,4GHz CPU. I would recommend a fast duo core - 3.2GHz for example with a fast FSB like some of the AMD's. I think you would be much better off. I use the Q6600 all day long - it is a lame duck and most of the time it works on 2 cores only anyhow. I do have AMD duo cores also and can compare.

Posted 8 years ago
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Intel X58 Chipset will be out soon.
EDIT: Included Link broke HTG Site. Will post another.
You are smart to begin Planning Your Build before just jumping in.
I'm not going to recommend anything right now as new products are around the corner.

Kindest Regards,
Rick P. ♥ :)

Posted 8 years ago
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how long till new products & will they be cheaper???

Posted 8 years ago
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Intel's X58 chipset is due in "Q4" 2008 which means anytime between now and December 31st. Then, even when the chipset is available, the selection of motherboards will be thin and there will still be bugs in it. The X58 is a high-end chipset, so no way will it be cheaper. It will be more expensive, and is designed for more expensive parts, for example, DDR3 DIMMs and triple channel support meaning 3 DIMMs minimum for the best performance. Also, no matter when you by a system, there is always something "better" just around the corner. The X48, X38, and P45 chipsets have been out for a while now, and many folks are still happily doing builds with the P35 chipset. If you are ready to buy now, there is no need to wait for the next big thing.

Posted 8 years ago

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