Hi you guys....I just bought my laptop computer and when I got home, I realized something was wrong with its OS.
I cant seem to find a way to activate my Administrator account here. Ive gone to lots of Forums that told me to right click on Prompt, and click on RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR....But i cant...Everytime I try to do something, theres this message saying: DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM TO MAKE CHANGES TO THIS COMPUTER? and theres no way to click YES. And it says: TO CONTINUE, TYPE IN AN ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD AND CLICK YES. But theres no way. AND.... When I try to change my account type on Control Panel, it says the same... DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW...blablabla...And, YES, I Want it to allow, but theres no way of clickin YES. And without having an administrator account, I cant seem to do anything....Can somebody, please, help me?

Posted 7 years ago