Got a "new to me " mini mac ..... I have 10.3.9 , and had to order my disks from apple , they sent me 10.3.
I need to reinstall the operating system because i do not have the adminastrator password . When I put the first disk in to start the whole process it informed me that it would not work because a newer version of the OS X was already running on my computer ....when i was on the phone with apple i gave him all the information why would they send me disks that will not work? Is 10.3 updated once installed to make it 10.3.9? Help me as lame as my questions sound the last update was in 2005 ! I can get on the internet and download, but i can not install with out the adminastrators password. This sucks the browser is so out dated most sites just do not work.....

Posted 7 years ago