Dear All,

As a complete newbie to this part of Networking I am looking for some "How To" Info on how to connect to my internal network from the (OUTSIDE) Internet.

I have a couple of Humax PVR's as well as a Rako lighting system which can all be controlled or connected to from the internet.

I have a DYN account and I have set up my DYN DNS account domain ( not the real one for obvious reasons).

I have input the details into my Netgear N600 (WNDR3700) router and when I type in on my web browser I gat the Windows home server Log On page, I assume I can connect to the WHS as it is set up from within the WHS itsself for internet access.... No I am now stuck..!

Here are my questions.

1) What do I need to put into the router (Port Forwarding ect) to access say my PVR or the Rako Bridge which both have statick IP address's on my network?

2) What do I put into the browser to access the PVR or Rako Bridge?

3) Are the above questions correct questions?

4) Do I need to add anything else for security reasons?

Posted 4 years ago