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Help and advice on my new computer build

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  • Started 8 years ago by doctortommy
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I'm looking to build a gaming computer. I want it to be high performance but not a supercomputer. Think a lower end high-end pc if that makes any sense =p.

This is my first time designing a new computer and these are the part i picked out yesterday. It would be great if people could point out my weak points in the design that may limit performance and the things i overdid. I'm also looking to cut the price a bit. I also need to know what type of power supply i'll be needing. I currently just picked out one of the higher wattage ones on newegg just to make its enough =p.

Some other notes:
- I'm interested in SLI that's why i chose nvidia motherboard and GPU
- I think my motherboard or gpu may be a little too strong so focus on those a lot
- I didn't include a case or fans yet because those are critical to performance

EVGA NVIDIA nForce 780i

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 1GB

Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB (2x2GB)

Hard Drive:
Western Digital 1TB SATA hard drive

Power Supply (not sure if this is a good choice):
OCZ GameXStream 700W

ASUS Black

CD/DVD Drive:

Acer 24 inch widescreen LCD

Total Price:

Any help appreciated =)

Posted 8 years ago
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DoctorTommy, hi. Here are some thoughts:

* Mobo - it has 3 PCI-E slots for a triple-SLI config, but you are putting 2 GPUs in one of these slots. Why 3 slots? It is an expensive board, too, and probably for this reason.
* CPU - few games can use 4 cores, so you could save money and get a higher clock speed with a 3+ GHz Wolfdale. Still 45nm, same cache per core, less power consumption, and a higher clock rate.
* GPU - I like this choice. It's exactly what I recommended in another thread -- get a late model GPU on the cheap. Two 9800 series GeForce chips is good for serious gaming!
* HDD - consider getting 2 smaller drives instead. Each can have better performance and reliability. Then split the workload either with RAID or just install the OS on one and games on the other.
* PSU - good brand name, plenty of power, 80% efficiency and NVidia SLI certified. Looks good to me.
* CD/DVD - Why put a pokey IDE drive in a system with SATA? There is plenty of headroom on the SATA bus, so no need to worry about saturating it, even with 2 HDDs and 2 DVD drives.
* Monitor - I've never used an LCD for gaming. You should see what other gamers recommend for response time to prevent motion blur. Is 5 ms fast enough?

Posted 8 years ago

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