New to the forum, please forgive me if the question sounds redundant and self-explanatory.

With Hamachi, a zero-config VPN, is your information encrypted on a single machine? If so, is it also encrypted from your ISP's eye?

If the answers are all yes, why would you need to route your laptop at a remote site (i.e. coffee shop) through your home Hamachi VPN computer? Can you just create your own single-unit Hamachi machine (thus the zero-configuration) wherever you are, and have it encrypted from the public and the remote site's ISP?

I understand that if you tunnel through the home Hamachi VPN you get the benefit of accessing shared files, visit sites that are restricted by the remote site's ISP, and of course the added security of surfing through your own home VPN. The down side is that the speed can also be significant slower by accessing your home VPN if your home VPN's upload speed is slow.

I much appreciate the enlightenment.

Thank you


Posted 4 years ago