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Graphics/Images/Photographs Freeware Utilities

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add copyright bar on images : CopyRightLeft
convert .png file into .ico format : png2ico
convert bitmap to vector graphics : AutoTrace
convert bitmap to vector graphics : Potrace
convert scanned text into text : GOCR
create a flash based photo album : zphoto
create an html photo album : Thotor
create schematic drawings : XCircuit
create schematic drawings : gEDA
create/edit 3d graphics : Irrlicht Engine
create/edit 3d graphics : Nebula
create/edit 3d graphics : Art of Illusion
create/edit 3d graphics : Blender
create/edit 3d graphics : Jahshaka
create/edit 3d graphics : OGRE v1.2 [Dagon]
create/edit 3d graphics : OpenFX
create/edit 3d graphics : POV-Ray
create/edit 3d graphics : Wings 3D
create/edit 3d graphics : Xara Xtreme
create/edit bitmap images : ImageMagick
create/edit diagrams : Dia
create/edit graphics : GLE
create/edit vector drawings : Skencil
draw circuit diagrams : TinyCAD
edit an image (for kids) : Tux Paint
edit an image : GIMP
edit an image : Paint.NET
edit an image : GIMPShop
edit vector graphics : Inkscape
extract useful imformation from digital photographs : jhead
hide information in a picture : Hide In Picture
model using computer-aided-design : BRL-CAD
model using computer-aided-design : Sailcut CAD
model using computer-aided-design : PythonCAD
organize photos in albums : ctPhotoBook
restore an old image/painting : restoreInpaint
stitch panoramic photographs : hugin
view images in an album folder : IMGV
view images in an album folder : Cornice

Posted 9 years ago
Posts: 140

Please note that Open Source software often changes. For instance some may change name, location, and some may simply discontinue. There-fore if any of the above happens I apologize for the inconvenience.

Posted 9 years ago

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