I am more familiar with Gnome, so a lot of the Gnome terms I better understand (though I am somewhat confused on GTK1.x, GTK2.x, and Metacity)
I understand Compiz, Beryl/Emerald Themes, Desklets, and Screenlets.
I understand what Nautilus is, though don't ask me to explain it.

As far as KDE I have no clue.

The reason I ask this, is on Oct. 30 I plan on doing a fresh install of Ubuntu, but I may try out Kubuntu instead, I am not exactly sure yet. I use Gnome-Look.org to customize my desktop, and plan on using KDE-Look.org to customize Kubuntu. Upon visiting the site I noticed I have no idea what most of the terms mean.

Window Decorations - ?
Icons - self explanatory
Cliparts - for office?
Emoticon Themes - ?
Kopete Styles - Web Browser Themes?
System Sounds - self explanatory
Color Schemes - ?
Screensavers - self explanatory
Amarok Themes - Media Player Themes?
Screenshots - self explanatory
Splash Screens - ?
Bootsplash - Bootloader backgrounds?
X11 Mouse Themes - ?
KDE Improvements - Similar to Nautilus Scripts?
KDE4 Brainstorm - ?
Kbfx Themes - ?
K3b Themes - ?
Karamba - ?
Plasma Themes - ?
Kicker Background - ?
Fonts - self explanatory
Service Menus - ?
KDM Themes - similar to GDM Themes?

I was hoping someone (or multiple people) could explain these things.

Thanks in advance.

Posted 8 years ago