I'm liking Pear Linux and it "fixes" gnome nicely but for one small important bit:
Gnome 3 Activities Overview via the super/windows key is disabled.
The Hotcorner still provides this, so the functionality is in there.

The Hotcorner works, but is too much mouse travel, the key is better. This functionality, the way the windows or activities are neatly spread out is the single best aspect of the shell GUI in my opinion. Pear Dock is supposed to be the focus of workflow, but I would really appreciate getting the overview key back.

Looks like it needs mutter for the key and this is not on the system as Aurora does not need it(?) Went ahead and installed mutter anyway and found this in Gconf-editor: /apps/mutter/general/overlay_key and then set it to Super_L

Don't know how to do the key-bindings or whether this is possible in Pear... ..or Mint cinnamon ..or Zorin
Any ideas? Thanks!

Posted 4 years ago