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front audio header

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  • Started 8 years ago by turnswolf
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ok heres the deal im trying to hook up my front audio header which has switching capable and my board is swithing capable but i cant figure out the pins and wires here is the pin set For Intel® High Definition Front Panel Audio
Pin Signal Name Description
1 PORT 1L Analog Port 1 - left channel (Microphone)
2 GND Ground
3 PORT 1R Analog Port 1 - right channel (Microphone)
4 PRESENCE# Active low signal that signals BIOS that an Intel® HD Audio dongle is connected to the analog header. PRESENCE# = 0 when an Intel® HD Audio dongle is connected
5 PORT 2R Analog Port 2 - right channel (Headphone)
6 SENSE1_RETURN Jack detection return for front panel (JACK1)
7 SENSE_SEND Jack detection sense line from the Intel® HD Audio CODEC jack detection resistor network
8 KEY Connector key
9 PORT 2L Analog Port 2 - left channel (Headphone)
10 SENSE2_RETURN Jack detection return for front panel (JACK2)

the wires i have are :
2)ear L
3)ear L
4)ear R
5)ear R
6)mic in
7)mic power

now im not so hot at audio if its not on board lol so i was hopeing someone could help me translate this

Posted 8 years ago
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turnswolf, I'm not quite following you. Where are the "wires I have"?

I expect that you are trying to connect an audio header from the motherboard to an audio panel on the front of the case. Is that right? Where did you get the information about the pin outs? How do you know that the front audio panel and the motherboard audio header both support jack sensing?

I feel like there was such a hookup on my last build, but it just worked and I never gave it another thought.

Posted 8 years ago
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the "i have wires" are the front header wires from the front of the case the panel audio is the mobo jacks i was hopeing someone knew how to match them properly so i can have front headphone hookups on my case, sorry it took so long to get back but im a trucker by trade so i only get home on the weekends

Posted 8 years ago

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