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Frequency out of range

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  • Started 9 years ago by Touchthewind1
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Firstly, bought Medieval total war gold edition.

The game installs and plays alright, but when it goes into a "real-time" battle, screen goes blank with the words "frequency out of range: 14Hz /16 Hz. Please change the display mode to 1280 x1024 with 60HZ".

So not knowing anything about computers, I looked at windows help page, it informed me to change the resolution and the refresh rate. The game requires a minimum of, quote : "ATI Radeon 9600 SE, monitor must be able to display 1024x 768 resolution or above and recommended monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024, with radeon x1600 or greater.

Now i have changed the resolution to the above, 1280 x 1024, with 60Hz refresh rate and 16 bit colour quality. And it still dosnt work.

I got some advice, that the game provides options, So i adjusted the resolution to the minimum requirement. doent work. Or possibly the monitor needs changeing. I have a fujitsu siemens Scaleoview C17-3 monitor which has a maximum of resolution 1280 x 1024, with a max refresh rate of 75Hz and a display device radeon 9600XT-4, total memory 256 MB, internal DAC (400MHZ). Im out of answers, the hard ware acceleration is at a max. So why dosnt it work??

I cant believe that in order to play a game you have to keep buying hardware every so many years. Its little bit like selling coccain to kids and getting them addicted so that come back some more, and splash out all their money.

Do i need to upgrade my card or buy a new card, or is there some magic that you have up your sleave, so that i can play my game????

Posted 9 years ago
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Normally when you get a message like that on a black screen it means your monitor doesn't support the settings your game went switched to.
Setting your game settings to what the monitor error recommendation of resolution 1024x1214 with a refresh rate of 60Hz should work.
I don't know why that doesn't work.
I'll do some searches online for that game, card and the error and post back later if I find anything.
On upgrades if you do end needing to upgrade a component to fix this problem it shouldn't be the graphics card.
The graphics card you have supports those settings.
It's likely your ATI drivers or monitor that isn't working right.

Edit 1: I just found monitor specs at
It does support that resolution and refresh rate so that means something in the hardware or software is setting the resolution/refresh rate/whatever higher then what you told it to be and the monitor can't handle it.
I'll look and see if the ATI drivers have an override for the game settings that could do that.

Edit 2: I didn't see anything in the ATI Catalyst driver that could do that.
Just to check do you have the latest ATI graphics driver installed? If not you could try updating it and see if that helps.

Posted 9 years ago
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Thank you for your attention jd2066.

Where would the ATI graphics driver be found??

I went to Display properties, settings, advanced:

In openGL compatibility settings: Force Z buffer depth - Force 16-bit
Triple buffering - disabled

Just noticed: wait for vertical Sync: Default off

In Direct 3D compatibility settings:
Support DXT texure formats - Disabled
Alternate pixel center - Disabled

And: wait for vertical Sync: Application preference

In options:
Catalyst version: 04.1
2D version:
Display driver version: 7.97-031212a-013619C fujitsu-siemens
Memory upgrade modules: Not applicable

At the bottom of the panel: disable quick resolution feature and Reduce DVI frequency on high-resolution displays were disabled. But now DVI frequency on high-resolution displays and alternate DVI optional mode are disabled. This thing just happened when i was typing??

Overlay adjustments at bottom: theater mode set

VPU Recover settings: both Enable VPU Recover and Prepare an error report if VPU recover is activated, for submission to ATI technologies are activated.

In Monitor properties, at the bottom Monitor Attributes: Use DDC information is activated.

All this stuff is probably useless information to you, but i am sure there must be one little thing that needs adjusting, i havnt got a clue.

I noticed being desperate to play a real time strategy game that when i loaded "Legion" Which requires minimum of Windows 95 to XP and a minimum of pentium 233MHz - after loading the beginning of companies and associated company logos, with the video for legion, the screen went blank and when you press ctrl, alt and delete, you see a flicker of the options menubefore windows task manager appears. Funny thing, Loaded "Stronghold Crusader"- with Pentium II, Min windows 98- works perfectly.

Posted 9 years ago
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I think the "Catalyst version" is the one. Though that doesn't look like a valid version number.
You can just try downloading the latest version from (Select "Catalyst Software Suite")
Normally you can just install a new driver and it will upgrade the old version. Not sure weather that will help though and in a few cases it makes things worse.
It's my only idea at the moment though.

Posted 9 years ago

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