Ok so this happened to me earlier when I did a dual boot with the RC and Windows Vista.

Basically, I did a clean install and was installing all the programs I use regularly (firefox, thunderbird, picasa, vlc, etc) when after one of the restarts after I type in my password it "hangs" on the Welcome screen for Windows 7 RC. Mouse I get the "waiting" spinning circle. The first time I did a system restore, and installed program by program. The last program was Picasa, and since it restarted fine I didn't install it out of superstition.

Just a little bit ago I was not able to start again, and it hung at the Welcome screen once again.

I can only restart after manually turning off the computer, I can restart in Safe Mode under the RC and I've run the Start Up recovery and the memory diagnostics tool under the option to "repair computer," both tests check out fine with no problems detected.

I did a system restore to before I installed updates earlier today, and I still get the hanging welcome screen upon restart.

Right now, I'm typing from the same laptop but in my Vista partition.

I'm wanting to know what I can do to troubleshoot this problem and find a solution.

I was using the RC just fine earlier today at school. I'm using Avast Antivirus on the RC.

I'm going to monitor this over the next 30-40 min. so any spec/actions you want me to do I'll be ready for. Thanks for the help in advance.

Posted 8 years ago