SHORT STORY but there is a question I hope someone can answer.
Recently while surfing the web in some ? sites(not illegal)one of those scan scams latched onto me(not the first time)and I thought oh no not again. Although the name in the box this time was very very well known,I just wanted to get out of there.The scan was already running in the background showing all these trojons I was supposed to have. I have learned through experience though that if you exit before the scan stops you can escape but if the scan finishes it's a hell of a job to get rid of the bloody thing.
Anyhow, before I escaped(just)I jotted down the address of the sender, missed the author, but I am bound to run into it again sometime. Did a full scan with OneCare and as I suspected,no infections.
By this time curiosity got the better of me so I went to the website from the scan scam and the following page came up with this message in the top left hand corner(nothing else on the page)

You don't have permission to access/on this server.

I won't give the address(just in case)but I will say it had the word scan in it.
What I am hoping is that maybe someone out there can tell me what I have stumbled into here because I have never encounted this message before or even heard of it.

Posted 8 years ago