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First impressions of Win 7

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  • Started 7 years ago by cobija
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Hey guys. i thought i would let you guys know how my installation went, and for all you thinking of upgrading.

here are some main pts i want to get across. if you guys have any questions about how it went that i did not cover, just ask!

Q) What version did you buy?
A) Professional 32-bit

Q) how much did you buy it from? where?
A) since im a college student, i got it for 30 dollars. go to for either home prem or pro (32 or 64 bit) for 30 dollars! i think the offer ends January 10, 2010.

Q) How long did installation take?
A) For me, with a dual core 3.0 and a 4gb of ram, it took 30 minutes from time of clicking install now to the end.

Q) Did you have any problem installing?
A) well, first time i tried installing i clicked for windows to check for installation updates. it just kept checking after 20 minutes. I found out after ending it that for some reason the installation was corrupt. i fixed it, and did no feature since techincally, it hasnt been out in public for 12 hours, and i doubt that big of a bug or something would occur.

Q) What do you like about it so far?
A) right off the bat, it is much faster and more responsive than vista, and that is a HUGE plus. currently, im reinstalling programs and moving files back into folders. so far, its been really fast with moving files around and installing. I also love the new taskbar, its so much more efficient. I also love the Aero Peek (putting your cursor over the icon). its really helpful to just check something really quick. also its live, meaning if you are watching a movie, you can peek at it and still see it! Also, my internet speed seems to be faster, like pages load a bit faster. One more huge thing i love about windows 7 so far is its capibility. right off the bat, sound and internet works (havent really tried anything else). Also, the standard video drivers actually fit my resolution. after reinstalling vista, its standard kept it on 800x600. but the standard ones for win 7 actually match what you had in the previous version (for me 1440 x 900)

Q) are there any improvements that you see being needed?
A) not at this time, since ive only had it for under an hour. one possible thing that im not used to was the icons are larger than vista's. easy fix: click the desktop and hold ctrl and use the scroll on your mouse to change the size. i shrunk it by 1 or 2 clicks.

Q) would you recommend it to others?
A) Of course. it is a HUGE improvement over vista, and as some people have said, is what vista was supposed to be. the wait was worth it!

Well now im sad cause i need to go to work in an hour =(

Posted 7 years ago
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Nice and useful report. Thanks.

Posted 7 years ago
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i thought i might add one more thing i LOVE about windows 7. i am not sure which versions have it, but i love it. this actually helped me out in two ways. the first, i accidently deleted a file i really needed to update something. i system restored and that didnt help. i found out you can right click and choose something called view previous versions. it basically gives you a view of changes without having to system restore! i just looked up the folder, clicked the folder that had it (you can even just view without overwriting original.If that sounds confusing, just let me know). I also forgot to backup something from vista, but it also had that, which is very good.

i will keep yall a little busy with schoolwork

Posted 7 years ago

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