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Finally XP dual-boot. But partitioning.....

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Hi all! So here's my situation: Bought a new Toshiba laptop A200 series. The HP I bought a few weeks previous was a nightmare to install Win XP as a dual boot and once installed HP boldly claims it would not support XP drivers. The Toshiba has been a dream. With the aid of this forum and VistaBootPro, I have a dual boot laptop.

The war might be over but I am still fighting a battle. It's been a nightmare to try and shrink the Vista partition to the desired size. I have been reading tirelessly - mostly from this site - and followed all instructions… turned off restore, pagefile, hibernation etc. Using the recommended defrag program, I can see the MFT near the end of the partition and I cannot shrink the volume any smaller, even when I try defragging Vista from within XP. I have read several articles claiming to use GPart, Acronis Disk Director, or Disk Keeper Pro and that will successfully partition Vista to a desired size. Some say it must be done by booting from a CD first. I have also read however - like from here - that if I resize my Vista partition, I will not be able to boot into it without repairing it first using the Vista install discs. Because I bought a laptop with Vista pre-installed, I have only recovery discs. So what do I do now?

Here's the layout: (Looking at it from within Vista explorer window)
C: Vista
D: Local Disk
F: Win XP

(D and F designations are swapped when viewing from Win XP)

When I view from Vista Disk Management I see:

<no drive designation> EISA configuration 1.46 Gig 100% free (WHAT IS THIS??!!)
<D:> Primary Partition, 6.42 Gig, 99% Free (Again, WHAT IS THIS??!!)
<F:> Logical Drive, 43.14 Gig, 86% Free (This is Win XP)
<S3A...> C: System, Boot, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition, 55 Gig, 80% Free (This is Vista)

That's from the status window. Beneath that where it shows "Disc 0", the order is:
<> 1.46 Gig, Healthy, (EISA..)
<S3A…> 55 Gig, Healthy (System…)
<F:> 43 Gig, Healthy (Logical Drive)
<D:> 6.42 Gig, Healthy (Primary)
<> 6.16 Gig Unallocated [I Don't know where this came from or how]

I am apprehensive to begin experimenting at this point. I really need to know what program to use to partition Vista and where to do it from. I want to shrink Vista down to about 25 Gig ( I won't be using it until a service pack and software catches up), Win XP to about the same and to have another partition for file storage, utilizing what is left over from shrinking the two OS's and using the unallocated space. Please advise!

Also, What are those two other partitions that Toshiba uses. I assume one is Disk Recovery? Does anyone know how that works? Is system restore placed here?

Thanks a HEAP in advance!


Posted 9 years ago
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The EISA configuration partition is your system recovery partition. I'm not sure what that D: partition is, you'll have to see what files are actually on it.

The problem that you'll run into is that you can't move partitions using the vista utility. You'd have to get something like partition magic or use the gparted live cd.

Your other option would be to completely reload the system with Windows XP, which would be a little scary but might solve your problems. Just make sure you have really good backups of everything if you go that route!

Posted 9 years ago

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