I am not a computer geek, I don't speak computer language. however, as a small business 'single employee' owner I have been able to be my own IT person since I started in 1987, you know when a 40 MB IBM DOS System was rockin' the house. To my dismay I recently had to buy a new laptop which is Sansumg Series 7 with Windows 7 x64 HP. I've never been so depressed in my life. I have no idea what I'm doing and have to google every little thing to figure it out. Sheesh.

When I first got the laptop I was able to see my laptop on my desktop via my homenetwork modem/router whatever you call it. I don't think I ever saw my desktop from my laptop, can't remember. I only connect when I want to transfer files from desktop to laptop so I can work on the go. Now I can't do that. Something changed, I'm sure something I did caused it. I can't see 7 on XP or XP on 7.

I came here and read the 'Sharing Files In Windows 7 and XP' post from 2009. When I get to the part about advanced settings on Win 7 I cannot turn on network discovery or file and printer sharing. I click the boxes, save and when I go back in they are turned off. Sometimes I see this message that say 'you are not connected click here to turn on network discovery' I click and the same message appears.

As I said, I know I did something to cause this. Can anyone come up with ideas of what I did and how to fix it?

I swear for an amateur like me who has alwyas been great with navigating computers, this change to Windows 7 has been the most horrendous computer experience of my life. I like things my way and to have control but now I'm an idiot.

Posted 4 years ago