I have an HP HDX 18t 1000 CTO series notebook which was just built for me in April of 2009. I got it from the factory in May. So I fell just one month short of the free upgrade qualification...needless, I was not pleased. My notebook came with Windows Vista Utimate 64 bit, so you would THINK that W7 would be nice! Well, I have had two failed attempts.

Here is what I did to prep my computer: I did a thorough, in-house cleaning of all junk files. I ran a registry cleaner and did several defrags. I ran chkdsk /F/R on the primary drive to catch any problems there. I bought Acronis True Image Home 2010 and backed up all of my partitions to disk. I uninstalelled my antivirus and antimalware security software so it wouldn't interfere. I even went into MSCONFIG and unchecked just about everything that starts up with the computer! I removed any software that I knew had EVER given me any kind of problem,no matter how minor. I checked with HP and downloaded and installed every installable updated driver for W7 for my notebook. I have run the W7 compatibililty/upgrade advisor over and over again. The funny thing is that the compatibiilty checker in the Upgrade finds two things about my keyboard that the downloaded version of Upgrade Advisor does NOT find. I have downloaded all the drivers and fixes I can find...yet this problem persists. And also, the Intel WiFi driver for W7 will not install under Vista! Yet, the upgrade checker in the upgrader finds this as a problem. When the W7 upgrade fails, it gives you no reason why it failed....the installer doesn't even generate a log file to look at...it just says - Upgrade has failed. Your system is being restore....and proceeds deftly to restore the prior operating system, no questions asked and no way to stop it.

The problem I foresee in doing a clean install, which you can do with the upgrade version, is the drivers and maybe loosing some of the native HP software. That is why I bought the upgrade and not the full version. I have these two minor glitches...it gets all the way through install, and just before restoring the last few files, it reboots and has a flashed blue screen, reboots again and then tells me I have a failed install and it is restoring me back to Vista again...I have done this twice now. I am thinking I am going to have to do a clean install and just wipe everything out!

Has anyone else here had a failed upgrade? Has anyone figured out how to make the W7 Upgrade version generate a logfile of why an upgrade failed? I can't believe that Microsoft was so dumb as to not allow the user to decide for themselves what they want to do, proceed with the install and deal with the problems after installation or choose to restore an earier version of Windows...or generate a log file so at least we have some clue as to what happened and why. I have a dread feeling I will have to do a clean install instead!

Posted 7 years ago