Two of the things I like least about Vista: (Issue #1) The inability to convince Windows that I want the columns in Explorer to be MY choice, instead of the columns it arbitrarily decides is better. And yes, I know there's a way to TELL it ... but it misbehaves, for lack of a better word. (Issue #2) If your Explorer Window include the Preview Panel, the file in its focus cannot be moved, changed, or deleted. For anyone who hasn't experienced this nuisance ... it's pretty simple: You use Explorer to locate a TIF file (for example) that you want to open. You click to open it in Photoshop, make a change to the file, and then hit SAVE. Sorry ... can't do it! Reason: The preview thumbnail is still visible in the Explorer window, buried under Photoshop. Major pain in the neck.

I would love to know if either of these issues have been address in Win7. Thanks!!

Posted 7 years ago