I'm pretty new to Linux, but I'm eager to become proficient. I want to run Ubuntu without always using the GUI (Gnome). For most tasks, I'll want to work inside Gnome, but when I logoff, I want to drop back to the terminal. When I boot my machine, I want to see a terminal, thus only launching Gnome when I choose to.

So far, I have configured my Ubuntu installation to boot to a terminal without a GUI by commenting out "/usr/sbin/gdm" from the "/etc/X11/default-display-manager" file. Then, when I type "sudo gdm", Gnome loads up and I have a nice desktop. This was half the battle. However, I cannot figure out how to drop back to that terminal from within Gnome.

I've tried issuing the "sudo gdm stop" command from /etc/init.d directory, but that gives me X errors, tries to restart, etc.

How can I achieve my desired effect??


Posted 9 years ago