How can I stop Excel changing the hyperlink
File:///D:\A ToshD\ExcelAtReading\R0200150-she.mp3
to C:\Users\Natalie\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\R0200150-she.mp3?

Excel is changing hyperlinks and rendering my teaching program useless.

On the D drive of my computer I have a sub-folder ExcelAtReading.

This folder will contain several thousand mp3 files with names like R0200010-the.

ExcelAtReading also contains an Excel workbook ExcelAtWords

ExcelAtWords contains 4 Worksheets.
The Master Worksheet contains the links to the mp3 files, each link being in a cell which contains the filename, eg R0200010-the
The other worksheets contain selected lines from the master worksheet, with the first worksheet in the file containing the data the student is currently studying.

The contents of the folder (i.e. the workbook and all the mp3 files) will be copied to a CD which the student will take to a local library. I have not tested if the library’s security will allow files with macros.

My students are illiterate so I use Camtasia Studio’s Menumaker to ensure that when a CD is inserted the students are presented with a single link which they click to access the file ExcelAtWords. Before burning a CD I need to manually move all the audio files into the folder created by Menumaker.

I tested the system a few days ago with only 5 audio files and my students reported that in the college library everything was fine. When they clicked on a link on the CD they heard the audio.

I then created a whole bunch of new links using the Insert Hyperlink button in Excel 2010, and selecting Current Folder and the relevant mp3. The address that appeared in the Address block was R0200150-she.
When the mouse hovered over the link the tip showed File:///D:\A ToshD\ExcelAtReading\R0200150-she.mp3

That was 2 days ago. Excel has now changed it. If I edit the hyperlink I see it is C:\Users\Natalie\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\R0200150-she.mp3. The tooltip contains file:/// C:\Users\Natalie\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\R0200150-she.mp3

I need the hyperlinks to remain relative to the folder containing the workbook and the mp3 files even when these get moved around.

When the system is working properly I hope to end each lesson by creating a personal CD for each student containing the material he needs to study before the next lesson.

Help please. If I can this system to work, I should be able to solve the problem of creating resources which can be used to teach completely illiterate adults to read.

Posted 4 years ago