I was installing xp on a new drive ( C: ) while my primary was hooked up ( D: ), Drive C: works fine after installed win xp but my drive D: with win7 on wont boot, says error loading operating system. Ive burnt a system repair cd and booted from it as i dont have a win7 installation disk, the repair tool has located a boot problem with disk D: and wanted to restart and finish the repair... but nothings changed?

When booting from drive C: in XP i can view all of my other drives files so the drive isnt nackered.

No system restore option as i havent set a point in the past, i swear xp automatically set points so i never thought to? Thats kinda dumb..

Any suggestions?
Anyway to manually fix the mbr through xp?

Any help appreciated

Posted 4 years ago