Good Mornin, Afternoon, Evening, whatever your time zone lol.

I am attempting to create a guide for several elements within SharePoin 2010.
In this guide I cover several ideas that would be best taught through use of embeded video.

Now I have camtasia. I have created several files. I have converted those files to .avi. I have embeded these files within my document, through use of the insert object commands.

However I cannot for the life of me. Figure out how to embed a video without the use of the default Icon. Or perhaps to hyperlink an embeded video to a string of text within the document. IE: Type "Click Here". When End User clicks the word Here. The embeded video on the subject will start playing. I can only manage to get a large .avi icon, with the file name displayed below it.

There has to be a way to do this. Again, I'm kinda in over my head when it comes to MS Word. I mean, I have "mastered" SharePoint.... or I don't know.. my bosses think I have lol.

Please assist.

Posted 4 years ago