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Edit PDF-Files professionally

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  • Started 5 years ago by chrisinbkk
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Hi Experts

I need some experienced advise how to edit PDF-Files (mainly Text). I have downloaded Open Office but I am not sure if I have to install the whole program or only Open Office Draw. Further more the installation of a PDF Import Extension is needed as well. No idea how to integrate this program into Open Office or Open Office Draw.

An other Option may be to work with the programs I have already on my PC. I have MS Office 2007 / OS WIndows 7 on my Computer. Is there a professional way to edit PDF Files with Office Word? Where can I find the PDF Import Extension and how to integrate this program into Office Word?

Or any other suggestions??? At the end it should be easy to use and the edited PDF has to look professional. Thank you for any advise and support in this.

Regards from Bangkok

Posted 5 years ago
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Hi Chris,

Welcome to HTG :)
If you want to create files in pdf format, you can create them in Word or any other texteditor and then print them in a virtual printer to pdf.
I use Bullzip PDF creator, which is free and work really well.

If you want to edit existing pdf's, that's a bit more difficult. You can use Foxit, but it's very inconvenient if you want to make a lot of changes.
I don't know of any other pdf editors that are good ánd free (but hang around, someone else might know :D).
Not free, but with all the professionality you can dream of is of course Adobe Acrobat.

Best regards,

Posted 5 years ago
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Probably the best program for editing existing PDFs is Adobe Acrobat but you will pay through the nose for even the basic version. I was always too cheap to spring for it in the past until I received a copy bundled with my ADF scanner. Now, I'll never be without it.

No matter how good any PDF editing program may be, however, the best way to edit PDF content is to have a copy of the original documents used to create the PDFs and edit it. I use PDFs extensively for stability and compatibility reasons but I always keep the original documents (usually Word docs) so I can easily edit them at a later date if needed.

Posted 5 years ago
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I would convert the PDF file to a DOC file and then use Word. I have used this one in the past ( ), but there are more options on the web. When you are done in Word, you can store the document as PDF - provided you have the add-on:;id=9943

Posted 5 years ago
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If the PDF is a true text PDF and not an image PDF (such as one would get from a scan), one can often just select the text, then copy and paste into Word. Any images along with the text may need to be copied and pasted separately.

Posted 5 years ago

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