January 18, 2013

A naked eBay seller accidentally exposed herself on the auction site, but the no-knicker-wearing user became an overnight celebrity with a ton of cash to boot. The nude eBay seller joins a legion of others who mistakenly posted their unmentionables on the Internet while selling widgets.

In a Jan. 16 updated report, Huffington Post noted that a resident in Oxfordshire, England, who has an eBay username of sugartit_2, is behind the naked eBay seller auction photo.

If her story is legit, it goes that the woman uploaded a photo of a dress she wanted to part with titled, "ASOS yellow Skater Dress 10," with a starting bid of £15.99 or just about $25.44 in U.S. dollars.

Here's where the blooper comes in: While all eyes are on the sleeveless party dress, a bonus not included in the item description appears just off to the left of the image.

Apparently, sugartit_2 must have been commando just before hanging the dress on back of the door for a snapshot and forgot about the power of the mirror.

For the untrained eye, you'd miss the bottomless woman wearing nothing but a black bra, who obviously doesn't know she accidentally exposed herself in a big "whoops" moment.

However, the naked eBay seller may be the smartest person in the closet, ehem, room and pulled off a very clever marketing strategy to add value to her precious dress.

Ordinarily the yellow dress would have fetched no more than $100 at best on retail. However, for all her troubles and the frenzy created behind the nude seller on eBay, the item sold for over £153, 911 or a whopping $245,334 in American dollars. How's that for an eBay photo fail?

Selling tip: Beware of mirrors, CD cases and other shiny things nearby when taking pictures of an auction item. Here's another: When taking snaps, do it fully-clothed.

Read the full story at the link below, with the photos - which, while slightly embarrassing, are safe and contain no actual nudity.


Posted 4 years ago