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(Solved) - Easiest way to find/ change WiFi network password?

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  • Started 6 years ago by Kristy27
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I know there are a LOT of these questions, but I still haven't managed to figure this out:

My husband set up my mother's pc & WiFi network, and (rightly, not deviously) put a password on it. Her pc grabs it automatically, so in the past it hasn't been an issue for her, only for me or the grandkids when we try to connect to her wifi.

It's not the system or router key/password I'm looking for; it's just a simple password that he set in order to 'join' her WiFi; ie., I turn my iPad on, can clearly see her network, "Bonnie", with the little lock symbol right at the top of the list of available connections. I click on it, get the password prompt asking me to "enter password for 'bonnie', I enter the password(s) my husband gave me, but they don't work, and I have no way to tell if my husband is giving me the correct password(s) and there is some other problem going on, or if he (deviously, not rightly) just doesn't want me - or my MOTHER who it belongs to - to have it.

...and now it HAS become an issue for her - she cannot connect to Joli OS without it.

Outside of asking, begging and pleading for the correct password (I finally got my OWN network password after months and MONTHS of asking, begging and pleading by telling him I was taking the pc to a repair place - at which point he 'suddenly remembered' that he changed it and gave it to me - just in time to avoid paying through the nose for me to get it anyway)

So, is there anyway for me to find or reset it? The simpler the better - even if it involves (Uugh) calling Comcast?

I promise there is nothing sneaky going on, I'm not trying to get anything I'm not supposed to have (in this case, nothing MY MOM is not supposed to have, lol) husband just likes to have access to my computer's and sets passwords and user limitations on everything, thinking I don't know. But, having no life, I really don't care - looking at my pc - even reading my email, is probably as exciting as watching paint dry.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I do have administrator privileges on my mom's computer (at least I did, lol, hopefully that hasn't changed)

Oh, and one more, for help/questions about Joli OS, which forum should I use?

Thank you!

Posted 6 years ago
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Does the router belong to you, or the ISP ?

Posted 6 years ago
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On your mothers PC click

Start>Control panel>Network and sharing centre

Click on wireless network connections when the box opens click on Wireless properties

Click on Security "show characters"

That is the key

Accepted Answer · Posted 6 years ago
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LH - I think the ISP? I won't be 100% sure until I go to her house, because our router here at home is ours (Linksys) and to tell you the truth, I don't remember if she just has the Comcast router, or if he used something else.

Oh my god, mfletch, THAT WORKED, I mean, I haven't tried it at her house, but it just showed me (my home) password that I've been pestering, bugging, googling and searching for all this time - and I DON'T have admin on the home pc, wow, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

(see, LH - some of us remember our manners, lol - man, seriously, thank you both I wish I would've just ASKED months ago!! - I going to my mom's right now, I can't wait to see if i can get hers!!)

Btw, my brother-in-law is an IT person, he does something with servers. He has sat there a dozen times at my mom's while his kids and wife have tried to connect to her WiFi, and I dug up every Comcast booklet and scrap of paper in the house trying to find that stupid password, is this a common knowledge thing? Because if this works at her house, I'm going to kill him. A house full of kids with only one pc with an IT connection is like spending the weekend in the third level of hell.

I'll post if I get it, THANKS!!!

Posted 6 years ago
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I GOT IT! ...and Jolicloud connected! Now to figure out how the heck Joli works, whether or not I can get FF on it (Joli only shows FF beta 4.1 as a direct add on) and if she's better off using Joli instead of Win 7 in the first place.

Also - under wireless connections, where I found my password, should I have other networks besides my own? Not in "find available WiFi", I mean in the actual "control panel -> Network and IT -> Manage wireless networks". Just wondering why there are 4 networks there, three I don't recognize, but their passwords are also viewable. That seems like a bad thing, especially if it means they can also see mine. I saved a screen shot, but maybe this is normal?

Thank you very much

Posted 6 years ago

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