I have a dv200 Hp Laptop with basic stock specs. I was running Vista at the time 7 came out and wanted to dual boot. I continued to do so and it ran quite smooth, however I noticed I wanted to make 7 my primary use drive and wanted to expand it. I used the vista partitioning tool and was unable to make the drive as big as desired. I downloaded G-parted and began to recreate the drives, during the long process my battery died ... wait for it.... at the same time my house lost power during a storm. I rebooted a while later and it would not boot. I then Ran the Recovery disk (windows 7 version) and tried every option I know how here are the ones I remember, fixboot.exe and all its components / startup recovery which found issues but would never repair them. I tried to next run the recovery hp console but it will not boot to that. I noticed that the 7 disk might not fix earlier versions so I ran a vista recovery disk live edition to the same effect as last time. When I boot with a cd, the computer will ask to boot with it if I press nothing it will sit there after that with the message "Press any key to boot to cd/dvd"...... that is where it stays if I boot normal it only stays with the curser "_" blinking.

Please if anyone has any suggestions Im open to try them all. thanks again and hopefully one of you has had this problem before and fixed it !!

- Danny Fancher

Posted 8 years ago