I've installed Win 7 first in my laptop. After that I installed Chameleon Boot loader and finally I installed Mac OS X 10.6. Right after reboot, Mac Snow Leopard asked me to insert a USB keyboard. I shut down the machine and insert the keyboard, then turn on the machine again. It went well and let me configure Mac. I've played around with Mac for a while and have no any problem. But after a reboot, my machine locked up right on the first CMOS screen and went nowhere. Since it won't go any furher to load OS, I can't do any troubleshooting.

I've searched on for similar problem other people encountered, but all I can get is "CMOS battery" problem. I don't think it's the answer for my case, so I'm asking for help and see if anyone had experienced the same problem like mine.

My gateway laptop is less than a year and help old, so I double it will be battery problem.

Can anyone help? Thx


Posted 7 years ago