I have recently installed fedora core 9 along with windows vista home edition when i try to boot windows from the grub i get bootmgr missing message, i tried to repair my vista installation using vista OS CD but while repairing i do see the windows operation system hence i am not able to select the operation system for repair. at the bottom of the same window i get a message "if you do not see your operating system please insert driver cd to install driver related to your harddrive" please help me to find the operating system so that i can repair and get my windows and linux os working again. please note the i have also tried command line command "bootrec /fixboot" but it has also not repaired my windows OS.
also note that i have tried getting grub installed using linux installation CD. like going into rescue mode and trying out grub-install /dev/sda. also currently my grub.conf says below for windows
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader + 1
when i change root (hd0,1) to root (hd0,4) i get 'grub> ' instead of bootmgr missing message.
with the above information pls help me out to get my both the operating systems up and running. please let me know if you require any more information
Thanks and Regards

Posted 8 years ago