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(Solved) - Drop down box in Recycle Bin

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  • Started 6 years ago by dardruba
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When I rt click on Recycle Bin I get a drop down box.
I want to see Open, Empty and Properties only, but in there I have a TuneUp Shredder, Rainbow Folders and Ultra Defragmenter
which I use, but not via Recycle Bin.
How can I remove these three unwanted entries please?

Posted 6 years ago
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You could try uninstalling them then reinstall and take note if it asks to add to the recycle bin,

Or its messing with the registry

Back the registry up first

Then type in the search box regedit then click on regedit

No navigate to here "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\ShellFolder"

Its not very easy and risky messing with the registry

Posted 6 years ago
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dardruba, the App that added these options should have the option to remove them.
Check the Apps options/preferences before you venture into the registry.


Posted 6 years ago
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These "TuneUp Shredder, Rainbow Folders and Ultra Defragmenter" appear as you've installed these programs on your computer. They attach to the context menu for the shredder.

Either remove those programs or see if they have OPTIONS to put them on a context menu.

Possibly somewhere inside the Registry as Fletch says, but mine is basically empty so I don't know? Searching for those names might locate them?

Irv S.

Accepted Answer · Posted 6 years ago
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Thanks guys, I must avoid tackling the Registry so I shall checkout those programmes.
I should have explained, I'm old and have the shakes and I'm ashamed to say my cursor wobbles
which is why I want only the word Empty, its easier to hit that!

Posted 6 years ago
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Hi Dardruba

If you've got a shaky hand you could try reducing the the pointer speed and see if that helps.

Click Start orb (bottom left) > Click Control Panel > Click Mouse > Click Pointer Options tab > In the Motion section move the Pointer Speed slider to the left and right and test the movement of the pointer as you do til you find what you like > Click Apply > Click OK

Hope that helps a bit :)


Posted 6 years ago
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Or you can highlight the file/folder you want to get rid of hold down Shift key and push Del key this will bypass recycle bin altogether

If you would prefer to use recycle bin as a backup just incase you decide you need the file/folder just highlight and push Del key then hit Enter.

Posted 6 years ago
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You could download this,
Set it to run on startup and it will clear the recycle bin automatically


Posted 6 years ago
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Just for the record
It worked by uninstalling the intruding programs and unchecking the Context menu on re install.
Also I was told that double right clicking would bring the Empty Recycle Bin to the bottom of that section of the box.

Posted 6 years ago

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