hiya all

briefly I'm having an issue with my N52te Pad and joysticks. (both my X52 Hotas and my Logitech Attack 3)

basically the N52te is hogging the limelight. in games that only support 1 controller, Windows defaults to the first controller on the list, (prefered controller does nothing. not sure why they have it....), which is always the N52. so, to use my X52 in safe Crimson Skies, I need to pull the N52 off the hub, then goto Hardware and disable the driver there. then the Joysticks work just fine. when I want to use the N52 again (I have it programmed for Sketchup, Photoshop etc), I then have to plug it back in, reenable the driver....

now, back in XP I would have setup a hardware profile for doing this... but they removed that in Vista..

so any ideas on how to emulate Profiles, or an easier way to turn the N52 on/off? - Saitek can't suggest anything and Belkin have basically abandoned the N52te.

Running on : Windows 7 Home 64. Dell E521 AMD Athlon 64 5600, 4GB ram, Geforce 9400Gt, N52te Speedpad, X52 HOTAS, Saitek Proflight Pedals,

Posted 7 years ago