I have an Evaluation Copy, Build 7100. My husband is no longer able to use this computer and I need XP back. I am not an expert user but I am not totally lost around computer's either. My husband was a computer tech and just put Windows 7 on 2 weeks ago, I love it but can't afford to keep it after June because of extenuating circumstances. I need to know how to downgrade to XP Pro.
Some info that might be helpful: Local Disk C: (164GB free of 232 GB) Swap D: (2.06 GB free of 5.11 GB) Image files E: (90.9 GB free of 292 GB)
Can I get detailed instructions on how to do it? Sorry for the dumb question. I know around here, this might be a dumb question. I need this back quick and I can't afford to lose any data.
Thanks in advance.

Posted 7 years ago