Am using Trendnet 200Mbps Powerline Utility (Using home

electrical wiring system), setup on a Windows XP machine in room

Problem: On a 2nd room computer, using Ubuntu v12 + KDE 4

Desktop, Unable to connect to Internet through the following

setup using Ubuntu v12 + KDE 4 Desktop. (This system works

perfectly in WinXP Pro – same computer). The plgged-in utility 3

lights are all on.

ACTUAL SETTINGS of TrendNet Utility:
Web Login name: my email
Web Pass: bumpalot

Network Name: HomePlugAV Device
Network Password: SVWY-MM1W-WKPH-UNBC
MAC ID: 0014D17B1087

Network Name: HomePlugAV Device
Network Password: AXZM-EOUY-XPON-BFHF
MAC ID: 0014D17B1088

I tried to download files from Windows XP & copy them to Linux:

- faifa_0.2~svn64-1_amd64.deb, (which strongly suggests to use a

package manager like aptitude or synaptic to download and install

packages),so no luck there.

- Downloaded Faifa tool, but it also requires other files to be

downloaded, which obviously I cannot accomplish.

The only Network Manager I have installed is a Ubuntu version

that obviously is not working properly.

I would appreciate any suggestions re Powerline utility or a KDE

Network Manager.

Posted 4 years ago