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Delete Bluetooth Exchange Folder

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  • Started 9 years ago by watermelonman22
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I'm looking for a registry tweak to stop the Bluetooth Exchange Folder from appearing in the My Documents folder.
I know how to stop the My Pictures folder and others from reappearing, but I am clueless as to how to get rid of this stupid folder.
Anyone know? (By the way, this is my first post, so Hey All)

Posted 9 years ago
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Do you use Bluetooth devices such as a mouse and keyboard like myself? Do you have that annoying folder called “Bluetooth Exchange Folder” that, no matter how many times you delete it, always seems to appear in your My Documents folder? Well here I will tell you a way to get rid of it…or at least hide it in the best way that I found how. To help you move along, I have included a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

We first begin by going to the accessing the Control Panel via the Start Menu. Now we want to make sure that the Control Panel you’re viewing is the Classic View, not the Category View.

We do this by taking a look over to the left side of this Control Panel window and reading where it says “Control Panel”, and then under it, it should say “Switch to Classic/Category View” - and like I said, we want the Classic View. Now that should bring up a bunch more icons for you to choose from. So click the Bluetooth Configuration icon. That will bring up a little dialogue box with tabs at the top that say things such as “General, Accessibility, Discovery, etc.” Next, click on the tab that says Local Services which should bring up a list of Service Names. Single click the one that says File Transfer and then view its properties by clicking the “Properties” button located at the bottom of the dialogue box. That should bring up another dialogue box with a place to change the directory in which you want to exchange bluetooth files. Personally I changed my location to the “Bluetooth” folder that was already created in my “C:\Program Files\” directory. I just created a new folder within that one called “exchange” and voila! Now no more seeing that annoying folder pop up in my nicely organized My Documents folder. Hope this helps some of you guys out!



Posted 7 years ago

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