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Defective or poorly designed tabs? Is there a workaround?

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  • Started 4 years ago by Emerogork
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I can only imagine it is simply poor design and I have so learned to hate tabs.
They have opened a whole new world of verbal descriptors for me.
I have read that I can delete the tab "option" but wonder if there is a fix instead.

My problem is that I am forever clicking on the close window button only to lose out the windows that I really want to keep open. Then I have to remember what I had been using and go find it/them again. Most of the time I have to enter passwords again and then figure out the path that I had from there too.

I have activated the option of preventing the closing of multiple tabs that that alone is doesn't really help..
When these were cascades, I never recall having all these problems.

Instead of killing the use of tabs in the system,

Is there a popup that lets me know that I am about to close a window which required a password?
Is there an option that tells me that I am about to close the original window opened?
Is there some preventative that stops the closing if the back arrow (upper left) contains screens?
What else might I want to know about these evil things?

Posted 4 years ago
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Windows 7 - Internet Explorer - "Always close all tabs" Warning - Turn On or Off If that is what you mean. It really is a matter of learning the new way of doing things. Simply learn to close tabs individually either by the x on the tab or by right clicking the tab for choices. Once you get used to it you will like it.

Posted 4 years ago
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Not so fast there guy,...
There are two paths to previous work. The use of the back arrow and the use of the X. At least with the cascaded windows, I could move screens to see what is below. They are totally hidden when using back arrow to previous screens.

I really don't want to waste brain cells trying all these finger calisthenics just because some software designer could not come up with a user friendly or well tested method. My thought process and inventive drives, interrupted by these quirks, are more important than catering to MS....

Posted 4 years ago
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You're the first one with this problem I've maybe it's time to adapt.

Posted 4 years ago

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