Hello, I just want to say hello to all and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this request.

I am currently creating solid avi archives of my old Doctor Who collection and I stumbled across a dvd that has the original video AND the CGI edited video contained in one vob.

Using DGIndex, as I skim thru the episode, it will at various times, start stuttering and you can see 2 second glimpses of the old video and then 2 second glimpses of the "new" video - I suspect that in order for me to be able to properly 'rip' the "CGI" episode, I'm going to have to edit the IFO on said ripped copy of the DVD and edit the pointers for the chapter information.

Is this correct? If so, do I use IFOEdit? If this is not correct, please educate me properly :)


Posted 5 years ago