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Dconf Editor?

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  • Started 4 years ago by Mike1030
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This is confusing me, could any one care to explain?

" Start your PC and log in to your new Zorin desktop, I will be using Gnome 2 as my example so if you wish to use the Windows 7 desktop, please ignore the bits that don't apply to you.
(If you do want to use the Windows 7 desktop; make sure you add another AWN panel and set it to the top of your desktop, if you don't, when you minimize an open prog, it may well disappear and you won't be able to access it again!!. It happened to me in a test version of Zorin 6RC in Windows 7 mode!!. Also you might want to add the package "awn-applets-all" which is a meta package for AWN.)

To install the meta package I was referring to, open a terminal and paste this command:

sudo apt-get install awn-applets-all

2 links for the Avant Window Navigator (AWN):

For more info about the AWN (Avant Window Manger), please see below.

You might get a message about language support pop up, you can ignore it for now.

Your current desktop should have the panel at the bottom, (When you start after first boot, your desktop will have the Win7 look!) click on the left button and type “look” in search, the Zorin Look Changer will appear, open it and select Gnome 2, your desktop should change automatically and you should now have a Gnome 2 desktop, log out and back in again just to make sure it works!!.

Click on “Applications” > “Accessories” and then drag “Terminal” to the top panel beside “Places”, Go to “Applications” “Internet” and drag “Google Chrome” to the top panel, start Google Chrome and type in the address bar “medibuntu repo”, ( and then go to the section “Adding The Repository”, add the 2 commands one after the other in the terminal, once the Medibuntu Repository has been added, you can close the terminal.

Click on “Applications” > System Tools > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and drag it to the top panel, start Synaptic and go to “settings > File > Delete files after download so you don't have any rubbish (trash to the Yanks) in your cache after the installation of software.
Now go to “Settings > Repositories > Zorin Software and mark all available boxes and make sure that the download location is set to “Main”, move to the next window “Other software, and do the same tick thingy, now go to updates and do the same again. Close the Software Sources window and click on “Reload” > “Mark All Upgrades” > “Apply” and let it do its thing, restart your PC after the updates have finished. (Updates may remain blank but are already listed in "Other Software") "


Posted 4 years ago
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Are these messages you're getting on boot up, or the installation routine, or . . . from where?

Plus, can you delineate which parts are messages from Zorin and which parts are your own comments?

Posted 4 years ago

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