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Data merge in Word

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  • Started 8 years ago by gwh
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Hi All,

I have a table in Word with 4 rows and 4 columns. In Excel I have a 4 column spreadsheet and I want to merge the data form the spreadsheet into the Word document. I've set up a data merge in Word and have inserted the field codes that relate to the 4 columns in the Excel spreadsheet into the first 4 rows of the table in Word. I then copied these 4 field codes and pasted them into the other rows of the other 3 columns in the table.

I was hoping that when I merged to a separate document that the first row in the spreadsheet would merge into the first column, the second row into the second column, the third into the third and the fourth into the fourth. Then I thought it would automatically create a new page and the rest of the spreadsheet rows would merge into the columns of the new pages.

This didn't happen though. Instead it used 1 page for each row of the spreadsheet and just copied the values of the first column into the other 3 columns so there were 4 instances of each row of the spreadsheet on each page.

Is it possible to have the data merged as described above instead of what's happening now?

Thanks for any help.

Posted 8 years ago
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If I understand you correctly, you're trying to reverse your rows and columns. So


would become


If that is the case, then what you need to do is...

Select the data
Copy to clipboard
select another area with enough room to copy the new data too (you need to copy first into excel, then you can copy the reveresed data into word.)
Go Edit->Paste Special (03) or hit the down arrow on the Paste button and hit Paste Special (07)
Check the 'Transpose' checkbox
Hit OK

Your data should paste with the rows and columns reversed. If you still need it in Word, then copy the new data, and merely paste it into Word. Or if you need it to be a linked object, you can follow the Paste Special dialog box to paste and a linked Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object.

Hope I helped!

Posted 8 years ago

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