I want to create a dictionary that will automatically recognise when I type an unapproved word, not a mis-spelled word.
For example: If I type the word 'common', which for my purposes is an unapproved word, I want it to react with: **unapproved, use 'same'**
BUT. I don't need it to do an automatic replacement because I may have to correct the tense and or edit the sentence that contains the unapproved word.
I know this can be done as I did many years ago in a very early version of Office, however I have since then lost the instructions.
I realise that I can manually write each word (and its approved replacement) into the Custom Dic, but I have a few hundred words to enter, and doing them one by one will take forever. I already have the list of unapproved words prepared.

Posted 4 years ago