Hello to everyone,
I would like to customize the "Files of type" field on "Save + Open" dialogs in both MS Word and Excel, permanently in the Windows Registry.
We recently installed Metapad in our office to replace Notepad. Via Metapad instructions, I discovered how to customize the "SaveAs" dialog "File types"
and cut the crap out of the default list. And just stick to the basics we need.
Unca' Bill insisted on providing a list of file types that falls on the floor when it drops down.
Objective: when anyone in our office wants to save a new file (Word or Excel) we limit the choices down to a very short list, without having to bloat each file with VBA just to show the "Save" dialog with a sensible list of file types.
OS = XP sp3
Office 2003
+ a laptop with Office 2000
No network in use.

Posted 8 years ago