Firstly I must also add my note of appreciation to the article by the geek: Recovering files from a windows environment using Ubuntu live CD. It was really a good article and easy to use, especially in the manner the Geek explained it step-by-step.

I would like to urge the Geek to do as easy and understandable an article on cloning or copying one drive to another using Ubuntu's GParted software. I have a drive that I am running Ubuntu from and need to clone it and save the image to another drive. I have checked a few methods given online using GParted (the 'sudo' command language) and they really all appeared so complicated (at least for me) that i abundoned the excercise. But after going through the Geek's 'back up...using Ubuntu' article, I was so impressed that I believed if the Geek did the 'HD cloning' using Ubuntu's GParted, it should be just as impressive.

Please help with this one!


Posted 8 years ago