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connecting stereo speakers to flat screen tv

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  • Started 5 years ago by coopaloop
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Just bought a Samsung Smart TV but not happy with the volume when I play music DVD's. I just can't crank it up enough when I use my Blue-Ray DVD player or attach my laptop with HDMI cables. How can I hook-up my stereo speakers to the TV? These are older speakers, 1980's with wires to the back of the receiver, but they kick-butt.

I hooked-up my Windows 7 laptop to the receiver with the RCA plugs that have one end in the headphone jack and the remaining red & white ends to the receiver. This gets me where I want to go with downloaded music and CD's and even DVD's but then I can't see the DVD's on the 55" TV. I feel I'm close to the solution with the laptop already hooked up to the big speakers. Can I just hookup the laptop to the TV with the HDMI and play the DVD from the laptop with the stereo speakers hooked up to the stereo receiver? I don't want to blow something up. Need your advice.


Posted 5 years ago
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Ah something thats my specialty (I work at Best Buy in home theater).

This is actually very possible! And you already have essentially the solution. Most models of TV nowadays have a stereo jack (Like you plug headphones into) in the back of the tv actually! And from my experience, most, if not all, Samsung Smart TVs have this jack. Simply plug the end that youve been plugging into your laptop into the slot in the back of your tv, and you just need to go into the TV audio settings and switch it to the stereo jack and youll be good to go!

Posted 5 years ago

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