Change position of a photo file(s) within a group.
I have a large collection of technical photos to which more are added from time to time.
In Windows XP it was possible to select a file or a number of random files and then move them to a different position within the remaining files in the same Folder. Having done that you could then ‘rename/renumber’ using the normal ‘select all & rename method’.
It would appear that this is not possible with Windows 7.
For example: Folder contains 100 photos numbered 1 to 100.
You wish to relocate 5 photos with current Nos. 9, 21, 32, 57 and 92 into 5 new positions in the Folder so that when all are selected and renumbered they become 12, 15 19 23 and 25 within the renumbered group of 100.
Can anyone provide a method to achieve this please.

Posted 7 years ago