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can't install Seagate FreeAgent 500gb Ext Drive

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  • Started 4 years ago by prairiekats
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Hi :)
I plugged my new FreeAgent Drive into a USB port (on a set of extra USB ports). I got the installation wizard and proceeded. In the middle of installing, a box came up to say (can't go back to quote exactly) "incompatability with Windows 7 drivers". It said that if I continued blah blah blah bad stuff.
I canceled the installation and searched the net to download the driver(s) needed. I can find NOTHING that will give me the right info to get this working. I did run across advice to use a high speed port, so I disconnected the drive from the extra USB port set and plugged it directly into my computer port. Still no go.
Also, when I first plugged the new drive in (to the extra port set), it made the normal little 2-tone "ding ding", like when installing cameras and such. When I unplugged it, same 2-tone "ding, ding" thing. However, no matter what I do to try and fix the problem since, when I plug it in I get: "ding, ding, ding", in same tone (with slight buzz), and in a staccato-like rhythm?
I'm not computer literate beyond word processing and searching/browzing! I've been pretty successful with searching out help and solving problems online, so I know a FEW things. But not enough to go beyond updating, upgrading, downloading . . .

Posted 4 years ago
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PS: yes I have gone to the site to ask for help. All I've found on there that's helpful at all is just a thing saying well over half the returns they get on this drive have nothing wrong with them . . . I assume this simply means, "stop returning them!"

Posted 4 years ago
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Have you tried it on a different computer?

The ding-ding should be low tone higher tone when plugging it in and High tone - lower tone when unplugging.

Try rebooting your computer then plug it in again. Carefully record what happens and report back. Ignore any message that says this can run faster on a different port. Click X on that one.

Posted 4 years ago
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prairiekats, when you plug in that Seagate drive, press & hold the left Shift Key for about 10-15 seconds. Doing this will prevent the autorun function from occuring and should allow you to access the drive.
The autorun.inf file is attempting to run the setup.exe program which installs the seagate software on your PC. This software isn't needed unless you absolutely want it installed.
See the picture below...

This is the contents of the autorun.inf file.

action=Start my Seagate FreeAgent
shell\Install="Start my Seagate FreeAgent"

If you have any questions just ask,

Posted 4 years ago

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