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Can anyone help me with Java Coding?

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Note: Am going to post this in Geek Stuff and Off Topic to try to get help from more members.

I am currently studying for a dregree in computing, one of my modules being 'Object Orientated Programming' (which as far as I can tell is basically meaning 'java programming'). It's a module that I cannot do, and is the reason I failed last year and am having to repeat it this year. Today I have to do an exam in this module (it's about 2am now, I have to hand it back to administration at 3pm). This exam is a resit from when I did it back in the beginning of May, when I got 9% as my result. This meant I got 9 correct marks out of a possible 100, as I counted the amount of marks each question carried - which goes some way towards explaining how piss-poor I am at this. This is why I never plan to use java coding or object orientated programming again after the exam today, but it is an exam I need to pass.

Most other areas of the overall course I am great at (passed web design, hypermedia systems, usability, computer systems architecture, networks and communications.... etc.), so I don't want this one module to be the downfall of my university degree. The university have said that since this is my repeat year, if I don't pass I'm out, no questions asked. I find that rather unfair, but apparently I have to pass every module in order to pass the year. I've been straight up honest, I just hope that my obviously unfair situation over-rides the 'normal' moral judgement that 'cheating on an exam' is wrong. I get the exam paper to take away for 24 hours because I'm disabled, so I've have the questions since 3pm today, and I'm just hitting a brick wall as far as answering anything, because I just don't grasp java coding properly. Is there anyone on here that can help me by giving me the correct answers to these exam questions? My university career and I would be eternally greatful to anyone that is able to help.


1. What makes Object Orientated Programming different from non-Object Orientated Programming?
* List advantages/main concepts of Object Orientated approach [6 marks]
* Discuss each concept/advantage you have listed above with some examples [24 marks]

2. There are more than 15000 students at Edge Hill which undertaker different courses full or part-time. There are students registered on FD, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs.

What type of relationship would Student, FDStudent, UndergraduateStudent, PostgraduateStudent and PhDStudent objects form? [20 marks]
* Sketch a UML diagram to showclasses and their relationships.
* List at least two attributes and one method for each object

3. Consider the following UML class diagram: [30 marks]

| Circle |
|-radias : double - 0.0 |
|+Area() : double |
|+Circumference : double|

* Write a Java version of class Circle, using right structure and syntax for a java class. Assume it has constructor public Circle(double rad), and when it is run the area and perimeter of the rectangle are printed out.

i. Area = radias(squared) * pi
ii. Circumference = 2radias * pi

SECTION B to follow once I've typed out all the multiple choice questions.

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i posted on your other one already

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