Ok so here is my problem, i just installed windows 7 on a spare 160 GB SATA HD, with no problems. So i moved all my files (music, movies etc.) from my 320 GB SATA HD (with vista home premium installed). All that went well. Then without thinking, i formated the 320 GB HD with vista installed through which i also ran the setup for 7, so my boot table was on that HD. So now i cant boot to anything except my windows 7 DVD. So ive been searching around and tried DISKPART to mark my windows 7 install active. Still no luck on booting. So then i did the whole bootrec /fixmbr then bootrec /rebuildbcd. But when i try to rebuildbcd, i get "cant find element" or something like that after i type Y to add windows 7 to the boot table. So i know that the 7 install is there and active, but i cant insert it into the boot table, i keep getting cant find element error. Any help?

Posted 8 years ago