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Black Screen-White Arrow; Windows Vista 32 bit OS; system inoperable

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  • Started 4 years ago by expat93021
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I have a Dell Inspiron 531 desktop with Vista 32 bit operating system. Thursday evening, with computer functioning correctly, I was prompted to install two new updates from Windows, which I did. Also, I opted to remove my current antivirus software and replace it with McAfee 2012. After determining that a couple of items weren't functioning to my satisfaction, I prompted the system to return to a system restore point and the system performed as it normally would after that instruction.

When the computer rebooted itself, following the system restore, the screen was totally black and the only visible thing on the screen was a white arrow. The mouse is movable across the screen, so it's indicating that the mouse is not frozen. The problem is that I now have a totally inoperable system and it will not boot up, or perform any functions.

I have spent the past day and a half researching any possible fixes. There seem to be thousands of solutions and ways of repairing the system online but none of the ones I have tried have worked. I still don't know if this is a hard drive, or software, problem. I contacted a software repair organization and they advised that they were unable to assist me as they believed the problem was with specifically with the hard drive and its inability to connect with the software on the Operating System. I have attempted to reboot by inserting the original O.S. disc into the drive but, again, nothing happens.

I am in desperate need of help and direction in determining the root cause of the problem a possible repair solution. As of the present time, it appears as though the hard drive will need to be replaced but, then, I need to recover what I can from my desktop/old hard drive.

Thank you.

Posted 4 years ago
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Hi expat93021 ,

Welcome to HTG ,

If you have a full installation disc, then insert it and reboot your system, as it starts up you will see the POST screen 'DELL logo'.

Tap the button (usually an F? key) that corresponds to entering the Boot options menu and select CD/DVD as your 1st boot.

Run the repair on the disc 3-5 times.

Posted 4 years ago
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Dells are usually F12 to select boot device,

Posted 4 years ago
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McAfee has been causing problems on some systems recently

notably Lenovo ones.

Your problem may not be caused by it,

however i would certainly check to make sure.

İf you can access Safe mode(f8) uninstall it and see.

Posted 4 years ago
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I've still got some basic problems - re-downloading software for printer (and getting it to work), establishing a VPN connection so that I can watch shows overseas (the system is requesting SP1, which I have installed, but it's not responding to that, so there's something else hindering connection), and a myriad of other issues. Unfortunately lost all desktop/files/folders/photos/videos/MS Word files, etc., and part of the exterior hard drive contents. What a bugger!!!

Slowly trying to rebuild the system to a similar status (but without stuff I lost obviously), so it may take quite a lot of time to get it to a place where I feel halfway comfortable with what I end up with.

Computers are like cars - when they run well, it's a happy time, when they don't, well, anyone who's experienced this kind of thing knows what it feels like. A car will strand you (sometimes) in a strange place; a computer strands you in cyberspace and that's more frightening than the car. At least stranded in your car, you can catch a bus, or a cab. In cyberspace, there's nothing you can grab a hold of... a pitiful situation especially for a novice like myself but what a wonderful opportunity to learn!

Posted 4 years ago
Posts: 4100 When you do get your system working this will help ensure the problems you are now having won't be repeated.

Posted 4 years ago
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Run these regularly.

and as warlock suggests.

Good luck,with help from here on HTG you will have a clean healthy system.
Granny Kate

Posted 4 years ago

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