To make a very long story short I was having a terrible time deleting AVG anti virus from my PC. Couldn’t delete from Add/Remove Programs and even the AVG remover tool didn’t work, so I called AVG and they took control of the computer. The tech was removing different files and after he rebooted the PC both my wireless and wired internet connection went down. Since then I have not been able to get an internet connection on this particular PC. When I attempt to connect wirelessly there is a message that connection to the network is taking longer than usual, and then I get a message that says "connection unsuccessful". When I run the network troubleshooter, I get a message that there might be a problem with the wireless network adapter driver.

I then decided to try and connect hardwired (it’s an AT&T wireless gateway). When I run the network troubleshooter this time, it says that both the wireless and local area network adapters might have a problem with their drivers.

I know there is no problem with the wireless gateway because my iPad and other computer have no problems connecting to the network.

Any ideas?

Posted 4 years ago